Bathroom decorating tips: Is Luxury vinyl flooring a good fit?

Bathroom decorating tips: Is Luxury vinyl flooring a good fit?

If you are looking for an affordable, 100% waterproof product that echoes wood, stone, or ceramic tile,  luxury vinyl (LVF) is the ideal choice for your bathroom.

Wood:  trending for bathroom decor

Wood is in vogue, but the problem with genuine wood is that it can be damaged and warp when exposed to moisture. So up until recently, it was impossible to have a wood-look in the bathroom. That all changed with LVF, where it can be cut into strips and mounted on boards to mimic hardwood, called luxury vinyl plank (LVP).  As in all LVF, the planks are multi-layered and created with digital photography for ultra true-to-life wood images with knots, swirls, grain, and growth rings.

Create a rustic, all-wood atmosphere plank on the floor and is also great for shower walls, tub surrounds, or even the sink; since it's waterproof, moisture won't hurt it. Another idea is to combine wood-look vinyl with white or gray tiles for a contemporary look.

Convert your bathroom into a wellness center

Today’s bathroom still serves an essential hygienic purpose, but the room's role has expanded:  It's now the place where we start and finish our day, and it's also where we can get a moment of quiet solitude, unwind and de-stress from the day. The bathroom also sets the tone of the entire house.

With a marble-look floor (or granite, slate, travertine, quartz, or terrazzo), combined with the "tiles," called a luxury vinyl tile, you'll create a luxurious, high-end spa. LVT is also multi-layered and comes in squares that can be used with or without grout.

With luxury vinyl flooring, you can get as creative as you want, and the professionals at Four Seasons Flooring will help you. Visit our showroom, and get a free quote. We are in Delavan, WI, convenient to Williams Bay, Lake Geneva, Lake Como, Springfield, and Walworth County.