How to get the best hardwood flooring

How to get the best hardwood flooring

The best hardwood flooring is the one that meets most of your flooring requirements. For some, that means the most durable options, and for others, it might mean the best-looking options.

Whatever your need, there’s something in the hardwood line for almost everyone. And since these floors can last up to 100 years or more, it’s worth it to find out if they’ll work for you.

Hardwood flooring offers variety

You might think wood flooring is just wood flooring, but you have more options than you might think. That makes this product line a perfect one for various rooms throughout your home.

Whether you choose solid or engineered wood flooring, you’ll get to pick a species, stain color, and finish type, as well as an installation method that can work to create great looks and personality at the same time.

If you have below-grade spaces, we recommend only engineered materials, as they stand up so well in areas that are humid, damp, or experience frequent temperature fluctuations. Solid wood is better suited for hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, and studies, where the rich, elegant, and durable materials are so appreciated.

The installation process can vary greatly, from material to material and home to home. If you want to discuss your chosen material's specifics, be sure to visit us when you're in the area.

We want you to have the best wood floors possible

Four Seasons Flooring is a family-owned flooring store that caters to your specific requirements for the perfect floor covering. That means our associates will work hard to create the ideal match between your flooring needs and our flooring inventory.

If you’re a resident of Delavan, Williams Bay, Lake Geneva, Lake Como, Springfield, or Walworth County, WI, we invite you to visit us at our Delavan, WI showroom. That’s where you’ll find the wood floors you’ve always wanted and the services to bring them to life in your home.