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After all the research, shopping, and examining actual flooring samples, you’ll choose the floor covering that best fits your requirements. After that, you’ll need a professional flooring installation service that works best for the material you’ve chosen. The good news is that we have experienced installation specialists who are perfect for the task.

Some floor coverings offer a quick and easy install, while others require a bit more. The length of the process is dependent on the materials you've chosen and the number of floors you need to be covered. All the specifics regarding the floor covering you’ve chosen will be discussed with you before the process begins.

A professional flooring installation makes all the difference

All flooring types share one thing in common. They require an installation to be employed appropriately. When you choose your floor covering, we’ll make sure you not only have all the information regarding that material but that you have an installation team that is experienced with the specific material going into your home. Carpet installation is a process that requires both experience and specialized tools for a job well done. If you have columns, a fireplace hearth, or staircases, having experience is a necessary element. Special tools join that experience for stretching the materials, joining seams, and assuring that the product is properly attached to stairs.



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Tile installation also requires experience and specialized tools. Experience means that your installers will know how to measure and cut the pieces without breaking or chipping them, while the special tools help do that job seamlessly. Even grout application requires experience for a great result.

Other floor coverings such as hardwood, laminate, or luxury vinyl will all look great and function exactly as they should when you receive a professional installation. And they each have their requirements for the process. It’s our job to make sure that, no matter which material you choose, you receive the perfect installation based on your flooring choice. For more information on these options, be sure to visit us at your convenience.

When you visit Four Seasons Flooring at our showroom in Delavan, WI, you’ll find that we are entirely dedicated to your flooring satisfaction. If you live in the communities of Williams Bay, Lake Geneva, Lake Como, Springfield, and Walworth County, WI, we encourage you to visit us at your convenience. We’ll make sure you get a flooring installation that meets all your needs for the satisfaction you deserve.