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Visiting a builder showroom and a design showroom can help you finalize all your decisions regarding décor and design. The earlier in the design process you visit, the more comfortable you will be with making those decisions. Especially since you’ll have a wealth of professionals to help you along the way. This exciting space gives you plenty of opportunities to be active in your interior design options. Come equipped with your proposed budget, and we can make amazing things happen. We’re not just here to create a home, but a personal lifestyle that brings excellent enjoyment every day of the year.

Choosing interior design that meets your need

There are many reasons you might find yourself in need of professional assistance with your design options. In the case of a new build, it’s an exciting time to pick all the right motifs, color schemes, patterns, and more. Creating a space that is yours, from the ground up, is the perfect time to utilize these services, with great benefit. However, design assistance also comes in handy with a partial or complete remodel. Perhaps you’ve just added to or subtracted from your household. In these cases, it can be necessary to create more space or better utilize what you have, and we are more than happy to make your dreams a reality.



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About us and your professional design

Adding to your household could be the result of having or adopting a child or bringing in an elderly family member. In either of these cases, carpet or large area rugs are a great addition. They provide excellent stability for walking aids and reduce the opportunity for falls and injuries associated with them. Reducing your household size usually happens when children either marry and move away or leave to attend college. If you don’t intend to reserve the room for their return, you can use the extra space for a variety of purposes. Let our design professionals help you choose the perfect use. Four Seasons Flooring has a showroom in Delavan, WI, and from there, we serve the areas of Williams Bay, Lake Geneva, Lake Como, Springfield, and all of Walworth County, WI. We are proud to provide our customers with three professional designers with both residential and commercial design experience that have been in the field for over twenty years. Envision your ideal look and make it a reality with the expertise of our designers. For personalized professional design, be sure to visit us when you’re in the area.